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    Sail: Majesty at Sea - Edition 75

    This work is part of Doggett’s Sail: Majesty at Sea series. Born from Drew’s longtime passion for the sport, this series is an intimate look into the world of two iconic and revered racing sailboat classes and their enduring heritage, beauty and power as they navigate the open ocean.

    Images are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper, which sets the standard for image definition and color depth. Each print includes an embossed certificate of authenticity and is signed + numbered.

    Standard sizes range from 18” x 27” - 38” x 57”. Please contact us for custom sizing and pricing.

    About The Artist

    Drew Doggett tells extraordinary stories of diverse cultures and communities through a fashion-inspired lens. Through both intimate and expansive perspectives, he reveals his subjects in vivid detail. Drew has received over 75 prestigious international awards, honors and accreditations from world-renowned institutions for both his photography and filmmaking work.

    drew doggett's in sync
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    drew doggett's in sync


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