landscape by maria teresa

landscape by maria teresa


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"I was born in Mexico City in 1973, having majored in Graphic Design at the Anahuac University and continued my professional studies at several art schools in Mexico. My work is represented in private and also corporate collections and it has been featured in group exhibitions in Mexico and recently the United States.

I am a contemporary abstract artist. The main body of my work consists of paintings in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. I've loved painting since I was a little kid, so I used many mediums and materials and tried different techniques throughout the years, acrylic being my favorite one because of the countless different outcomes I can create with it, while enjoying also the innumerable effects that several elements can give to each piece.

I allow the paint, materials, contrasts, and different use of liquids as water to be my guide and pretty much dictates the final imagery. Natural elements as water, wind, weather and even droplets of rain usually enrich each painting with different and interesting effects. Since I can recall thru my life I’ve always had to be painting, creating or manually transforming something to be in peace with me and enjoy life."

  • width: 94.5"
  • height: 47.25"
  • acrylic on canvas
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landscape by maria teresa