New country store by edward love
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    country store by edward love



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    Edward's painting is inspired by everything as expansive as the ocean and sky to the minutiae of everyday objects, places and moments. He also has a high regard for the overlooked, discarded and forgotten.

    All of this translates into infinite exploration of color, pattern and texture. "The reason I love abstraction (mine and others) is that every person see's something different in each piece. I consider the viewers experience to be the final step in creating a panting.

    The lengthy process of creating a new work begins with a concept and an overall color palette and then translates into something quite unexpected. I especially enjoy this process working on commissioned pieces."

    • width: 73.5"
    • height: 38.5"
    • acrylic on canvas
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    Flatiron (212) 675-4663    Southampton (631) 287-6277    Email: | Prices subject to change.

    country store by edward love